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Sharon Bippus is an award winning writer with over 20 publications. Her short story collection, “This Blue Earth,” won the 2023 Michigan Writers chapbook competition in the area of fiction. Judge Thisbe Nissen said, “Sharon Bippus is a writer of extraordinary talent and self-possession.”

Sharon began writing in high school and majored in English with a creative writing focus while at Michigan State University. She then attended the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle Campus and received a Master’s Degree in Education, along with certification to teach special education. Some years later she enrolled in the MFA program at Sewanee, The University of the South. Sharon has attended writing conferences all over the United States and has worked with many prestigious writers.

Sharon and her husband John have two dogs, and live just outside of a small town in southwestern Michigan, in a home surrounded by woods on three sides and a small lake on the other. She delights in seeing deer in her yard, birds at her feeder, and new plants blossoming during the warm months. Sharon shares her observations of nature, small town life, and whatever else occupies her thoughts in her blog, “All The Things.”

Sharon Bippus is a Michigan based author who enjoys gardening, small town life, and exploring the joy of creativity.

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